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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Dayita Rao and I would like to welcome you to the world of Tamil astrology. This form of Asian astrology is a wondrous thing filled with beauty, insight and thought-provoking forecasting. In English, the Tamil way of astrology forecasting is based on the Sanskrit insight known as Jyotish. This approximately translates as the study of light in the soul, the lights in the sky and the study of light in general. At its heart, Jyotish encompasses the study of those elements that allow us as individuals to shine brightly. It is about the qualities that inspire us and enable us to fulfil our potential and destiny while here on earth. It is the essence of the purpose of our birth and presence in our world.

Jyotish is an area of study requiring huge commitment but, in return, it opens our eyes to the understanding of all that is us and how those things are in harmony within the universe. This form of horoscope forecasting can give a lifelong understanding to an individual’s character and future path. I have spent many years studying the intricacies of Jyotish and I hope and believe my astrology insights (Rasi Palan in Tamil) based on Jyotish, will give you insight and understanding of yourself.

It has been said that Tamil astrology is a form of future forecasting that may be the most accurate and consistent when compared to its Western equivalent. This form is a science of the cosmos and a very important gift bestowed upon the peoples of the Indian subcontinent and countries in the region. It assists them in facing their future more confidently because the insight it provides can help shape their decision-making and avoidance of misfortune. The insights provided by Tamil astrology are extremely popular within subcontinent culture and it is often the case that no big decisions are made without consulting for insight.

The component parts of this form of astrology, the tools used in forecasting, zodiac basis, metaphors, symbols and charts have stood the test of time. The system is based on the sidereal zodiac study whereby the stars asked taken to be a fixed set of points against which the transition of planets is measured. In the subcontinent, this method is considered to be a good basis for evaluating possible future events and is used by people from all walks of life to inform their thinking and planning. So, whoever you may be, wherever you are from or wherever you may be going, my free online Tamil horoscopes are for you.

A Little About Myself

I am Madam Dayita Rao and I am from the town of Pune in India. I was born and raised there for most of my younger life but later I moved to the island of Sri Lanka where the attraction of Tamil Rasi Palan became known to me. Thanks to a beloved mentor I was tutored in the many skills and techniques of Tamil astrology analysis and chart preparation. This early training which was a great privilege for me provided the basis for all that followed and the many decades I have delivered horoscope analyses to those who need them. I am known for my ability in forecasting future events with an accuracy unknown to Western astrologers. Whilst I cannot provide the detailed forecasting delivered to paying clients I wanted to provide some insight freely here for those in need.

I hope from reading the above that you can see this ancient method is is something you can make use of to supplement the other inputs you make to your future thinking and planning. This form of star sign divination will stand you in good stead and help you focus your mind.

Though many call me such, I myself don’t think of myself as a guru (and I ask my clients to do the same). I do feel that my interpretations, honed over many years can perform well when compared to other astrology forms. Indeed, when compared to other Asian forms of horoscope determination.

Thank you again for visiting my site and I hope my free online basic insights will please and inform all those who read my words here.

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